Beta Program Provides Sneak Peek at Latest Innovations in CAM

If you are a currently maintained Mastercam customer, you are welcome to participate in the Beta Program for Mastercam 2021. Before the software is available to the general public, you can get a sneak peek at the enhancements in our next release and try out the new features and functionality.

We develop Mastercam by listening to our users so we can make improvements based on the evolving challenges you face every day. Our Beta Program is another opportunity to have your voice heard and help us release the best CAD/CAM available on the market. By testing the pre-release and letting us know what you think, we are able to identify bugs, resolve issues, and guide software improvements based on your feedback.

Mastercam 2021 Beta is now available! Log in to your account to download Mastercam 2021 Beta for your first look at dozens of improvements to our suite of CAD/CAM for CNC machining.

In addition to system-level enhancements for a better user experience, here are some of the new features and improved functionality in store for Mastercam 2021:

  • Solids and wireframe chaining enhancements
  • Ability to Edit/Reflow Surface UV Meshes
  • Enhances 5-Axis Flowline Toolpaths
  • Wrap Bounding Box
  • Solid Hole Creation, Recognition, and Editing
  • Solid Chuck/Jaws and Collet Support
  • Mill-Turn Simulation Enhancements
  • Custom Threading Toolpath
  • 3D Tooling and Multiple Insert Support
  • HST Toolpaths Lead Motion Enhancements
  • Advanced Drill and Chamfer Drill
  • Check Tool Reach
  • 3+2 Automatic Roughing Toolpath
  • Multiaxis Pocket Toolpath
  • Save 3D PDFs
  • Mastercam Swiss Solutions

Your feedback will help shape the future of manufacturing! Join the Mastercam Beta Program today.

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