Benefits of Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

  • Mastercam users will recognize the shop-tested parameter screens and processes. They will be able to jump right into Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS and immediately feel familiar with it.
  • SOLIDWORKS users will feel at ease with the machining tree, which delivers quick access to any point in the machining process.

  • When model changes occur, users can update toolpaths in seconds instead of having to reprogram the part.
  • Updates for Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS will be released on the same cycle as the other products in the Mastercam family, including enhancements to Feature Based Machining (FBM), high speed cutting, and many other sought after toolpaths.
  • Users can collaborate with other SOLIDWORKS users who are working on the same project. Even if they do not have Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS, both can work on the same native files.

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