Become Familiar with Dynamic Motion Technology

A number of the suggested CAM strategies to follow involve application of Mastercam’s advanced Dynamic Motion Technology. These innovative machining strategies take advantage of new “material aware toolpaths” that have been introduced with the last several versions of Mastercam. Here are some of the benefits that may be obtained when Mastercam users identify applications in which Dynamic Motion Technology can be applied:

  • Optimizing cutter performance by dynamically controlled feeds, speeds and rules of engagement in conformance with the cutters unique characteristics.
  • Lateral force reduction: The material condition where toolpaths self-adjust to eliminate excessive force on thin walls that might bend and push them in the path of the cutter on the other side.
  • No broken cutters because the toolpath algorithms won’t allow the tool to be buried.
  • More secure holding of parts with difficult shapes because the tool won’t apply excessive force and snap the part out of the vise or holding fixture.
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