Barefoot CNC Aids Progressive Tool & Manufacturing

Mastercam Reseller, Barefoot CNC, located in Morganton, North Carolina, has provided on-site and remote service, training, and post processing services to its Mastercam customers for over 20 years throughout North and South Carolina. Similarly, that is about how long Progressive Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., located in Greensboro, NC, has been using Mastercam.

Progressive Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., founded by brothers Daniel and Richard Thompson, have been making specialty machine parts and gauges in central North Carolina since 1984. The industries supported by their production machining range from the medical industry, to defense contractors and aerospace companies doing prototype testing, and more.

To make its specialty parts, the company uses 4-axis CNC milling machines, multiaxis CNC lathes, CNC sinker, and wire EDM machines along with Mastercam to generate machine tool programs that can achieve extremely tight tolerances.

Barefoot CNC gladly provides the service and expertise when needed. “For a while, my toolmakers had Barefoot’s phone number on speed dial. They call them directly to work with them. I leave a lot of the day-to-day decisions to my employees and to Barefoot. I don’t need the details. I trust my guys to get the job done right,” says Dick Thompson.

When the company purchased a lathe with a sub spindle, C and Y-axis, and live tooling, they upgraded to the latest version of Mastercam. With that equipment and software upgrade came some powerful new toolpath capabilities that wowed the toolmakers. Dynamic Milling (or Dynamic Motion technology) uses proprietary algorithms programmed into the software to automatically detect changes in the material as the tool cuts through. The tool remains constantly engaged with the material, minimizing air cuts, and allowing the machines to be pushed to their full capacity. Dick Thompson remembered how cautious his guys were at first.

“Our toolmakers had seen demonstrations and videos about Dynamic Milling and were a little skeptical,” Dick said. “But when they returned from training provided by Barefoot CNC, they jumped in, took off with it, and never looked back.”

The software upgrade provided Progressive Tool with Mastercam’s Verify solid model cut verification/machine simulation feature. Dick Thompson calls it a “huge time saver” on every toolpath that the company runs.

“The time saving benefit of Dynamic Milling alone,” said Ryan Thompson, Design Engineer at Progressive Tool, “has put the company in a better position to get more jobs. Whether it’s medical, defense, automotive, or nuclear, our customers rely on us to quote accurately and fairly. The software has even helped us with that.”

Barefoot CNC assists their clients with increased job productivity and efficiency by harnessing the advanced technology of Mastercam software and with providing top notch service and instruction.

If you are looking for a Mastercam Reseller in the Carolinas, contact Barefoot CNC for exceptional sales, service, and support.

For those of you in other locations, you can find your local Mastercam Reseller by completing our Find a Reseller form.

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