Are There Shortcuts for Selecting Entities?

The General Selection ribbon bar lets you choose from several different selection methods:

You can also activate any of these selection modes quickly from the keyboard:

    • Right- and left-click mouse selection methods — If you left-click to choose a selection mode in the drop-down list, the mode is active for only a single selection. After you make this selection, the standard selection mode is reactivated. But if you right-click to choose a selection mode, the selection mode stays “locked” until you reset it by choosing the standard selection button.
    • Double-click to end selection — This technique lets you keep your hand on the mouse more continuously and reduces the number of times you have to press [Enter]. You can start a function like Xform, Translate without doing pre-selection, window the entities you want, and double-click to complete your selection. Or, for a function like Join Entities where you can select multiple entities, just double-click on the last entity and the join is completed. If you forget to double-click on the last entity you selected, double-click in an empty area of the screen to end your selection.
    • Chain select — Hold the [Shift] key and select anywhere on the blue chain to select all contiguous entities. Select a partial chain by pressing [Shift + Click] on the entity you want to end with.
    • Window select — Just click anywhere on the screen that is not an entity and drag a window around the entities you want to select.
    • Single select — Select the magenta line by just clicking it with the left mouse button.
    • Area select — Hold the [Shift] key and click in an open area of a closed chain (for example, inside a pocket).
  • Vector select — Hold down the [Alt] key and draw a vector through the red lines near the red scissors. Any entity the vector passes through will be selected.

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