Another Third Party Tool from Moldplus

Moldplus also offers a product called ProDrill. This software lets you perform advanced feature-based drilling in Mastercam. ProDrill V4 lets you drill what you want, when you want, and how you want it from surface or solid models. The latest version, ProDrill V4, is attracting attention because it gives users the flexibility to choose complete automation or full manual control when programming drilling tasks. This version is also attracting the hydraulic manifold manufacturing market, where programming parts using form tools is very time-consuming. ProDrill users who use Mastercam for both simple and complex drilling depend on it for their just-in-time manufacturing needs.

Here is a quick look at what is offered in the latest version, ProDrill V4 MR1 SP2:

  • Sort points graphically by lines – This new function lets sort points by dynamically sketching lines to indicate the direction for the drilling points. Tolerance control is offered to select points that are close to a sketched line.
  • Form definition enhancements – Library forms that are stored and processed are only stored for cylinders that can be machined from an indicated direction. Forms that need to be split for machining from both sides need to be manually or automatically split before applying drilling processes.
  • Closest form identifier – Identify differences in minor diameter length and chamfer diameter AND apply existing library forms that match these parameters within a given tolerance.
  • Define entry and exit parameters for Contour operations – The Contour settings dialog now offers options to define entry and exit controls for the library forms.

Check out what the new version of ProDrill V4 has to offer by contacting your local Mastercam Reseller, e-mailing Moldplus at, or by visiting

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