Annual HTEC Conference

CNC Educators across North America will be meeting up in Auburn, Maine this week for the annual HTEC Americas: A CNC Educator Training Conference billed as “The Next Dynamic Decade: Making Complicated Easy.” From July 18 – 21 at Central Maine Community College, this is the 10th HTEC Americas Conference to date. CNC Software, Inc. will be on hand for multiple sessions throughout the week aimed at providing instructors with the tool they need to prepare their students for entering the workforce.

Monday, July 18:
Jesse Trinque will have two hands on training sessions in the morning and afternoon entitled “Making the Most Competitive Students in the Job Market: Integrating Mastercam Dynamic Motion and Probing on your Haas.” The most competitive job candidates are the ones who can cut parts in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Set your students up for success by arming them with the knowledge of how to use Mastercam Dynamic Motion and probing. Mastercam Dynamic Motion will make programming parts easier and cutting them will be faster, more efficient, and cause less wear and tear on the machine and cutting tool. Add even more efficiency by integrating Mastercam Probing to assist with part setup and inspection.

Wednesday, July 20:
Keith Butzgy will host a breakout session that highlights what’s new in Mastercam 2017. The next generation of Mastercam is here, and with is comes a new suite of programming tools focused on delivering speed, automation, and efficiency for all machining jobs. Keith will demonstrate a most streamlined workflow, improved usability, enhancements to out Dynamic Motion technology, and much more.

We’ll have a second breakout on Wednesday where Chad Chmura will spotlight a turbo elbow project he’s been working on. A turbo elbow directs engine exhaust gas into a race car’s turbocharger. A customer approached Mastercam Applications Engineer, Chad Chmura, with a turbo elbow they had created by welding pieces of pipe together looking for a better way to make turbo elbows. Given this challenge, Chad jumped at the chance to create something that would fit all of the part’s design constraints including fitment and structural stability that would also be optimized in terms of airflow and appearance. Chad will walk you through the process he used to reverse engineer the part using Master3DGage and Verisurf, modeling the part in Mastercam using traditional and direct modeling with the Push/Pull functionality, Dynamic roughing, Port Expert, and Multiaxis finishing to ensure a completely finished part. Come see the results and the stunning improvement over the original welded part! ‘

There’s a lot going on in Maine this week, and we hope to see you at HTEC Americas!