Announcing the Third Project in the Mastercam Quick Part Series: Spinning Top

We are excited to announce that the third project in the Mastercam Quick Part Series is now available. Spinning Top is a Mastercam Lathe tutorial that anyone interested in trying can download free of charge.

The Mastercam Quick Part Series is a growing selection of project-based learning tutorials for classroom use. Each tutorial includes instructor and student guides, along with an introductory video.

The first project introduced in this series was the Chocolate Mold. This project teaches some of the basics of Mastercam Mill. If you are interested in teaching with this Quick Part tutorial or giving it a try yourself, you can download the Chocolate Mold project free of charge.

The second project in the series is the Acoustic Amplifier. This router project is also available as a free download from Mastercam.

Spinning Top Overview:

In this course, you will explore how to machine a simple spinning top. Starting with a solid model provided with this tutorial, you will use Mastercam step-by-step to prepare your part for machining. At the end of each chapter, you will use Mastercam’s simulation tools to inspect your work to ensure it can be cut successfully. Finally, you will post out your toolpaths to generate NC code to cut the part.

This tutorial will provide you with the basic techniques you need to machine the basic shape of the spinning top. From there, you can explore Mastercam and challenge yourself to make other interesting projects on your lathe.

Goals of this project-based tutorial include helping users to:

  • Create 2D CAD part geometry and use Mastercam’s Level Manager to organize solid and wireframe geometry.
  • Set up the job for machining on a standard 2-axis CNC lathe by creating stock and chuck jaws.
  • Program operations using standard and Dynamic Motion® toolpaths.
  • Use simulation tools and posting to check your work.

Request your free download of the Spinning Top project for Mastercam Lathe.

To learn more about projects in the Mastercam Quick Part Series, as well as other training and educational opportunities to learn Mastercam, please contact your local Mastercam Reseller.

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