An In-Depth Look at Dynamic Planes

Dynamic planes provide a new method for defining construction planes (Cplanes), tool planes (Tplanes), and Work Coordinate System (WCS) in Mastercam X4. You can now define a plane using an interactive graphical gnomon to establish the plane’s origin and orientation.

In dynamic planes, a unique gnomon with position-sensitive functionality provides control. The gnomon is made of an Axis Origin and three axes, each consisting of a First Leg, Axis Label, Second Leg, and Axis Arrowhead. Each piece has its own functionality. Where you click the gnomon determines what happens.

  • Axis Origin (1) – Click here to place the origin of the gnomon in 3D space.
  • First Leg (2) – Click here to move the gnomon along the selected axis.
  • Axis Label (3) – Click here to rotate around a perpendicular axis.
  • Second Leg (4) – Click here to rotate around an alternate perpendicular axis.
  • Axis Arrowhead (5) – Click here to align the gnomon to existing geometry.

For more information and in-depth descriptions of dynamic planes, please refer to the What’s New in Mastercam.pdf file, the Mastercam X4 Quick Start manual, or Mastercam Help. All of this documentation is included in the Mastercam X4 install.

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