American Youth Get Excited about Manufacturing

Steven Sinkwich is a staff assistant at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, Massachusetts. At a summer machining camp for 12- to 17-year-olds, Mr. Sinkwich helps introduce students to the history of manufacturing and principles of CNC machining. These young people are getting inspired about manufacturing in America. You can read Springfield Tech Sparks Interest in Future Machinists in Tech Ed Magazine for the full story and check out the following photo blog for an insider view.

Mr. Sinkwich starts each class by overviewing the history of machining and how manufacturing keeps America moving forward.

The students spend most of the day within the STCC’s shop, which is equipped with 16 CNC machines.

Sinkwich covers the entire machining process with his students, from design to finishing.

The fidget spinners are made in a series of simple operations that highlight how programmers work with straight and round geometries.

“It’s basically a turnkey operation. They get to see the power of these machines and the intricacy of it,” Mr. Sinkwich shared.

Mastercam’s Verify and Backplot functions point out mistakes before machining occurs, allowing Sinkwich’s students to run the program without concern.

Thank you to Mr. Sinkwich and his class for sharing their experience in machining camp and enthusiasm for manufacturing with us!