A Sampling of Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS Toolpaths

In addition to conventional 2D programming such as pocketing and contouring, Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS includes Feature Based Machining (FBM) to automate much of your 2D programming. By analyzing a part for specific feature types (shape, size, location of holes, and more), FBM automatically generates an effective machining strategy for the identified features. Other features include:

Dynamic Milling creates a constantly adapting toolpath that delivers more consistent cutting conditions and allows use of the entire tool flute length. This new technique saves cutting time while reducing wear on your tooling and machines.

High Speed Machining (HSM) can deliver a faster turnaround and a superior finish. Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS includes a suite of fully associative HSM toolpaths that make the most of your NC machines.

Peel Milling assures efficient constant climb milling between two selected contours or along a single contour. When cutting hardened material, the peel mill toolpath allows you to use the full flute depth of the cutter and avoid taking many shallow cuts. This technique avoids burying the tool by easing the cutter into and out of the material.

Core Roughing and Area Clearance efficiently remove bulk material with toolpaths tailored to your part’s core or cavity.

Pencil Machining walks a tool along the intersection of solid faces to clean out hard-to-reach areas and details.

There are many more toolpaths in Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS. Go to http://www.mcforsw.com/ for more information.

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