A Place to Start

Visitors to Mastercam’s machine shop aren’t surprised to see state-of-the-art CNC mills, 5-axis machining centers, or our twin spindle/twin turret lathe. We use those systems to run live tests on our latest software developments. But visitors often do a double-take when they first see what is depicted above!

What in the world is the leading developer of CAM software for CNC manufacturing equipment doing with a manual machine in its shop?

Actually, we have nothing but respect for manual machine tools. They are frequently the best way to knock off a simple part or a fixture. But we also keep manual machine’s in our shop for a more important purpose—educational outreach.?

As often as possible, Mastercam holds workshops for local high school and college students who want to learn more about what a wonderful 21st century career manufacturing can be. In manufacturing, one skill builds on another, and manual machines are still the best equipment to use for teaching those essential foundation skills.

When they first visit Mastercam, most students are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the computerized stuff. But we think it’s better that they get a solid foundation first.

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