A New Mastercam Customer Hits the Ground Running

Taradale Production Engineers is a precision specialist job shop with a team of 12 located on the city of Napier, New Zealand. Their shop is equipped with the latest CNC machining centers, lathes backed up with a proven QA system. Their client base includes New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. The secret of their success is the consistent quality of parts they produce and their attention to detail ensures they retain their preferred supplier status with their customers.

Taradale Production Engineers very recently became a Mastercam customer as they just took delivery of their new Mastercam Mill Level 2 with Lathe and Solids. After only two days of training, their two new programmers were up and running and when the word of this Mastercam purchase spread out to the community one of their customers promptly sent them an urgent request to manufacture a new design drill bit.

The job was set up to run on the Okuma 4-axis machining center however due to their limited experience they were having difficulty in getting the toolpaths to run as they wanted and they were under some pressure to get the job out.

Darryl from TPE continues with the story . . .

“We immediately called Prosoft (the Mastercam Reseller in New Zealand). Sri was assigned to help and he got involved in sorting out the program. We had been asked by a local civil engineering company to make a complex shaped drill head for a tool that is used to test ground density and at what depth the bedrock or shingle belt is below the surface. This is done to see if there is any chance of potential soil liquefaction in the event of an earthquake in the test area for future building site. Sri put together a program that we were able to put straight onto our Okuma 4-axis machining center where we ran the part with no fuss and got a great result. The client was very happy and importantly the part worked properly from very first usage.

Thank you Sri and Prosoft!”

Darryl Remnant, Production Manager
Taradale Prodcution Enginnering

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