A Mastercam to Mazatrol Programming Solution

Camaix, a Mastercam Third-Party Partner, proudly announces their support of Mazak machines with their Mazatrol post for Mastercam. This gives Mazak shops the flexibility of continuing to program in Mastercam as well as keeping the Mazatrol advantage. Mazatrol is a native programming language for Mazak CNC machines. By transferring all the benefits of Mastercam to your Mazatrol-controlled machine, you can generate Mazatrol programs more quickly and efficiently.

The Mastercam to Mazatrol Programming Solution incorporates a custom post-processor and interface that allows the Mastercam user to generate Mazatrol native output. It supports the following controls:

  • Mill: M2, M32, MPlus, M640, Smart and Matrix (using M640 format) up to 5-axis.
  • Lathe: T2, T3, T4, T32, 640T, TPlus and Matrix.
  • Mill-Turn: 640MT, 640MTPro and Matrix.

The output files can be set to output directly to the Mazak CNC control using any of the following methods:

  • DNC software (not included) that supports Mazatrol Protocol.
  • USB format for 640 generation machines or newer.
  • Other Mazatrol editors and viewers available in the marketplace.

If you want to learn more about the Mastercam Mazatrol post, please look at these videos:

2 Replies to “A Mastercam to Mazatrol Programming Solution”

  1. justin waybright
    • March 10, 2020

    is this something that will work on a Mazak 1060e with a matrix and or matrix +
    also is this just a download or what if the cost of this if needed to update.

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    1. Courtney Riley
      • March 16, 2020

      We suggest working with your local Reseller or Mazak dealer as this post is from 2013. Your Reseller can work with you to see if this is the bests path for you and if the technology still works with your Mastercam product.


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