A Bunch of Motorheads

Staffers at Horsepower Inc. (Erie, PA) are a bunch of motorheads. This tight knit company designs and manufactures its own line of off-the-shelf and custom engine components for racers, custom bike enthusiasts, and third party labelers looking for products that help maximize Harley-Davidson power and fuel efficiency.

Owner Mary Jo Light and her crew spend a lot of time reading about, thinking about, and talking about all the things that are going on in the motorsports business; so they know what’s coming down the pike for new engine designs. They are also keeping a sharp eye on the latest developments in CAD/CAM technology so that they can quickly introduce components for the latest Harley engine designs before others in their industry.

In 2006, when they could not keep pace with the demand for existing products and the pressure to develop new ones with manually programmed 2- and 3-axis CNC mills, HorsePower surveyed the marketplace and purchased a seat of Mastercam CAD/CAM software.

By 2008, the company was programming newly acquired 5-axis equipment with Mastercam Multiaxis software. The major benefit of 5-axis machining was the time savings and quality improvements due to minimizing the number of set-ups required to make a part. New head and throttle body designs were manually ported and then sent out to an external vendor to be reverse engineered. This data was brought into Mastercam to create the model. The multiaxis capabilities allowed Henderson to write 5-axis programs that could partially port these components, but a considerable amount of the porting work still had to be done manually.

HorsePower took a step forward in 2011 with its product development and manufacturing evolution by implementing Mastercam with Port Expert. Now all of the software needed for data captures, model construction, and CNC toolpath generation resides within the Mastercam programming environment.

Since HorsePower installed its first seat of Mastercam in 2006 and began a systematic program of upgrading its technology, the company has grown by a factor of three! HorsePower still beats others to the street with alternative port designs for new Harley models and continues to offer the broadest range of port configurations for every Harley model year.

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