5 Tips for Evaluating a CAM Dealer

Most leading CAD/CAM developers sell their software through a dealer network, letting you get your CAD/CAM system from a representative who lives and works in your area. No matter what software you look at, evaluating that representative is important to long-term success. Here are five things to consider:
1. What is the dealer’s history?
How long has the dealer been in operation and how long have they been selling the product you are investigating? If they have been selling the product for years, chances are they have a strong company and will be there when you need them.
2. Does the dealer offer local support?
Training and support are crucial to a smoothly running shop. A good local representative will make sure you have the support you need through phone, web, or on-site training.
3. Is the dealer dedicated to the CAD/CAM software?
Top-notch dealers, just like NC programmers, try to find what they see as the best CAD/CAM offering and stick with it. A representative selling many competing products may have their time and skills spread across too many packages.
4. What is the dealer’s skill level?
When you schedule a demo, ask them to program a part that is similar to your work. This will allow them to clearly explain how the software works and will show you that he or she will be able to support you in the future.
5. How strong is the dealer network?

Is the dealer part of a strong worldwide network? This is useful to you because representatives often rely on one another for tips and advice from around the globe.

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