4-Axis Direct Wirepath Improvements

The 4-axis Direct wirepath now accommodates more types of geometry and creates smoother motion in Mastercam X5 MU1 Wire. Some of the improvements include:

  • Support for splines (broken into linear moves by the linearization tolerance).
  • Support for line/arc motion pairs (broken into 4-axis Direct linear moves by the linearization tolerance).
  • If a clockwise arc is paired with a counterclockwise arc, this section of the toolpath will be output in 4-axis Direct linear moves so any wire machine can handle it. Most wire machines will not handle a clockwise move in one plane paired with a counterclockwise move in the other plane. So in previous versions, such moves would have forced you to use the 4-axis Taper method (all linear moves) instead.
  • Chained geometry no longer needs the same number of entities between branch lines. If there are a different number of entities between branch lines in the XY and UV motion, the toolpath will break up both the XY and UV into the same number of linear moves. The toolpath will also always hit the endpoints of all entities and stay within the linearization tolerance of the arc/spline geometry.

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