3 Benefits of an Integrated CAD/CAM System

An integrated CAD/CAM system is one that houses both computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing functionalities within one platform. Basic math will tell you that researching, choosing, and installing one software system is half the work of researching, choosing, and installing two – and is usually much more cost-effective, too – but the benefits of doing all of your CAD/CAM programming in one interface go so much further.

You will not lose information when you export from CAD to CAM

If you use an integrated system, both portions (CAD and CAM) will use the same “language”, which makes exporting from one to the other simple. After designing a part with a CAD system that is separate from a CAM system, a user will have to follow a multitude of steps, including converting the file to one transferable to CAM, often by using a third-party file converter, and checking the file in the CAM system to make sure everything has transferred correctly.

At any stage of this process, there is an opportunity for error. An integrated system like Mastercam has been designed and rigorously tested to ensure that any file transfer from design to manufacture will retain all of its original data.

You can easily switch back and forth

Often, programmers will find themselves confronted with a new part that resembles an old part, a part that needs to be redesigned, or even a part file that was damaged between CAD and CAM. This requires them to take the file back to CAD. But if exporting from CAD to CAM with an unintegrated system is clumsy, switching back and forth is downright exasperating.

Even if the need to return to CAD is not because of a file transfer error, converting the file repeatedly, renaming and keeping track of every new iteration, and still having to spend valuable time checking for mistakes is a waste of time. Integrated systems allow users to switch effortlessly between the two, keeping the file intact and the data accurate.

Your local Reseller can help you with every step of programming

If you have ever taken a part all the way through design to programming to simulation to realize that something somewhere is wrong, you understand how frustrating a simple coding mistake can be. Especially if you don’t know where along in the process the mistake was made.

Instead of troubleshooting a file with two different suppliers, you can just reach out to your local Mastercam Reseller. Their team of experienced applications engineers will be able to go through your file and find the specific issue, whether it’s in CAD or CAM. They will also be able to show you the most efficient way of taking a part from design to manufacturing.

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