2D and 3D Versions of Mastercam® for SOLIDWORKS®

While working on the X4 version of Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS, we realized that much of the groundwork for a 2D product had been done. We decided to complete the 2D portion and market it sooner than X5 (which is when the 2D/3D product would be complete).
This means that Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS is now available in separate 2D and 3D versions. Have questions? Here are some answers:
What does it contain? Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS 2D contains the main functionality of Mastercam X4 (Feature Based Milling, Feature Based Drilling, 2D High Speed Toolpaths, Contour, Pocket, Drill, Facing, Slot, Circlemill, Threadmill, Helixbore, Toolpath Transform, and STL Compare). It also includes a new 2D Chain Manager that allows you to choose Faces, Sketches, and Edges.
What is the difference between the 2D and 3D product? The 3D product also contains all of the 3D HST rough and finish toolpaths necessary for complex shapes.
When will the 2D product be available? The product is available now.
For more information on Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS, please visit www.mcforsw.com or contact your local Mastercam Reseller.

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