2017 Upgrades the Refit Spline

We asked one of the Application Engineers here at CNC Software which features they enjoyed the most in the 2017 Beta. Below, Chad, explains what feature he has been really excited about in this release.

“One feature that I’ve been using a lot of today is “Refit Spline”. The actual functionality isn’t a new idea, but it is much easier to access (and more powerful) in 2017 than it has ever been. When the user has a complicated spline, there can be thousands of points that determine its path. Most of the time, this many points are unnecessary and just add extra processing time. So in the past, the user could run the “RmNodes” C-hook to help reduce the number of points that define a spline, while keeping its shape mostly the same. In 2017, that functionality has been placed into the “Refit Splines” tool, with some added power to help the user reduce noise (wiggles) in their spline. This is much more powerful and convenient than the old C-hook.

For example, I imported the Dynamic logo into 2017 using Mastercam Art, there are a couple of screenshots below. This single spline that defines the D has 3223 points.”

Refined Spline Interface:
Now has 670 points

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