2017 SOLIDProfessor

We’re excited to announce our new training partnership with SolidProfessor. SolidProfessor provides personalized learning through online, on-demand, video-based courses for engineers and designers.

Their new suite of Mastercam 2017 courses will help you become proficient creating toolpaths for 2D Milling, 3D Milling, Turned Parts, and 4 Axis Machines. These Mastercam 2017 courses will benefit both new and veteran CNC programmers. You’ll dive into several real-world projects to learn how to create, edit, manipulate, and verify toolpaths. You’ll also learn how to adjust settings and choose the correct tool for the job. Experienced users can brush up on specific functionality, while new CNC programmers can complete each course to attain SolidProfessor Technical Certificates and share their achievements on LinkedIn.

2017 Mill 2D
Designed to guide you through the creation of the most commonly used toolpaths so you can become a competent CNC code creator. View course.

2017 Mill 3D
Learn how to create toolpaths, manipulate geometry, and set up roughing and finishing for 3D toolpaths. View course.

2017 Lathe
Get comfortable using the various methods to select machinable geometry, choosing the correct cutting tool, and using tips and tricks for toolpath creation and G code posting. View course.

2017 4 Axis
Learn the various methods to create toolpaths to machine parts using both horizontal and vertical 4 axis mills. View course.

To experience this type of learning first hand, register for SolidProfessor’s Mill 2D inbox learning series. This Mastercam inbox learning series delivers video lessons directly to your inbox weekly for free and without obligation. Register today.

To learn more about SolidProfessor and their different memberships, visit their website.