2016 Rage Robotics Week 5

This week’s whole group meeting gave the group a chance to get a feel for the challenge in a fun team building activity. The group set up a mock playing field with obstacles. We had 3 robots (humans) on each side and they each had their own driver. Using some balls from a previous years challenge, the team had a mock 3 versus 3 competition to see what challenges we may encounter. It was a good learning activity that identified several issues that the team can address before the first competition. And….it was fun! Next up is the Suffield Shakedown on Saturday 2/20. Hosted by Team 176 (Aces High) at Suffield High School, the team will meet up with other teams to scrimmage, test the robots and work out the kinks.

Mechanical Build – The build group was busy this week painting the base, assembling the wheels with sprockets and bearings, mounting the wheels with spacers on the frame, mounting the gear boxes and sizing the chains. Once they had finished the base, they began to help the electronics group mount their equipment.
Pneumatics – The pneumatics subgroup decided on locations for the air reservoir for lifting the ramp and controlling the two speed transmission for the drive wheels.
Electronics – The electronics subgroup worked on the layout of the electronics on the prototype board and began wiring the robot.

Safety – The safety team completed the 1:70 scale model of the RAGE room showing all of the safety features. They also gave a presentation on what do if a team member sustains a minor burn.
Programming – Within the programming group, team members continued working independently to program the camera, lift mechanism, base, drive train, and the joystick controller. Using the controllers from last year’s robot they were able to test the code.

Social Media/Spirit – The Social Media group worked on updating the website (still a work in progress) with a newly designed header. In addition, using the same graphic elements, the groups began working on button designs. The Spirit Group finished the team standard and began sketching up ideas for painting the robot. With its robot personality developing, the team also began discussing an appropriate name for this year’s robot.
Scouting – The scouting subgroup, led by the Orange Knight (also known as Alan) programmed an example scouting sheet and demonstrated how the scouting system will work during the competitions. He also showed how the scouting group will scan the scouting sheets and compile the data using a QR code. They also assembled a scouting sheet (using pencil and paper) for instances where digital scouting will not be feasible. In addition to focusing on creating a scouting system for the current year’s challenge, the subgroup is ensuring that scouting in future years can be continued with a similar system.

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