2016 RAGE Robotics Week 1


Saturday 1/9/16: FIRST Kickoff! Across the world teams gathered to watch the FIRST Kickoff video to find out what this year’s challenge was. Nearly 40 RAGE team members, mentors and parents gathered to watch the video, check out some field elements and review the rules for this year’s competition.

This year’s game, STRONGHOLD, has 3 team alliances working together to breach and penetrate the opponent’s castle. The 3 robots on each side are challenged to cross a series of “defenses” (think medieval castles consisting of a “rock wall”, “rough terrain”, drawbridge and more). As well as crossing the defenses, the robots will be picking up “boulders” and shooting them through openings in the opponent’s tower, weakening the tower. Once the tower is weakened, the robots can scale and capture the tower. The FRC video for this year’s challenge can be found at http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/kickoff.

Sunday 1/10/16: The team gathered the next day for an afternoon brainstorming session. After a brief review of the rules, the team was split into 3 groups to discuss and focus on 3 strategies – which defenses will we design our robot to cross, which goals will we try and shoot the boulders through (low or high) and will we try and scale the castle at the end. The groups then presented their findings to the rest of the team.
Game plan at the end of the meeting: Build some of the defenses so we can do some field testing with previous year’s robots.

Monday 1/11/16-Wednesday 1/13/16: The beginning of the week was spent building the defenses using the plans supplied by FIRST so the team could do some field testing.

Thursday 1/14/16: On Thursday night we had a ½ hour full team meeting where we reviewed our progress and the Safety subgroup gave a
presentation on the use of safety glasses. After the full team meeting, the group broke up into subgroups (Mechanical Build, Safety, CAD-Base, CADManipulator, Electronics, Pneumatics, Programming, Scouting, Social Media and Spirit) for some more focused strategizing.

Saturday 1/16/16: On Saturday morning the Mechanical Build and CAD subgroups met to work on constructing the towers, performing some more field testing with old robots, and begin inputting design ideas into Inventor, the CAD program used by FIRST.

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