2013 Innovator of the Future Competition Judge

VAC Motorsports, located in historic Philadelphia, PA, has graciously come on board to be the 2012/2013 IOF judge for our competition!

VAC Motorsports is the world’s ultimate source for serious BMW performance parts and BMW racing parts. On top of providing parts, they operate a state-of-the-art body shop, full service repair shop, full engine and manufacturing machine shop, providing new and used parts from a facility that covers more than 14,000 square feet.

In the beginning, operating as a three-man shop specializing mostly in bodywork & restoration, they added BMW automotive specialties and repair work to their many services. It wasn’t long before they hit their stride with BMWs and decided that on top of maintaining and customizing, they needed more of a challenge – so they entered the racing ranks.

After tracking locally for the early years, their first professional racing endeavors started in 1992. After just two years of hard work, they won the 1996 FIA F2 Group A Championship in the Middle East!

Today, they are known as a “One Stop Race Shop.” They have become more competitive in both sales and racing arenas due to their excellent quality control and turn-around time. Everything is done 100% in-house. There is no job that is too large or small for VAC Motorsports. And, they use Mastercam to get it all done!

Tony Salloum, president of VAC, is excited to start judging the parts entered into this year’s competition. Here he is at a recent trade show talking about the competition:

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