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Dynamic Best Case Programming

Nearly all of the manufacturing processes Kluba Machine (Washington, MO) programmers develop for its customers rely extensively on Mastercam’s® Dynamic Motion Technology, which automatically adjusts tool movements based on material conditions ahead of the tool. Kluba added, “Before Dynamic, programmers were always looking out for the worst case scenario and adjusting feeds and speeds to make sure you didn’t crash a tool. Dynamic has all these fluid motions. Nothing is direct any more. The programmer has to make fewer decisions because the motions are governed automatically according to the chip load, which is kept constant to give you a best case machining process.”


Dynamic Motion Technology helps the company reduce cutting tool wear, improve cutting precision, and reduce tool costs. It allows programmers to work faster and more accurately and reduces machine cycle times. For example, a part that once took 15 minutes to cut was brought down to six minutes. These changes were made to the template and the cycle time improvements now apply to all the parts in the family.
If Kluba Machine made a part six months ago and subsequent improvements are made to the template while generating another part program from this family, then these improvements will be applied to the older program when it is used again. If a great many customizations have been made to a template, the program may become quite large and generate a very busy looking simulation. However, more than once the programmers have noticed that a new or enhanced Dynamic process has been introduced that runs even smoother and makes all extraneous code disappear. Kluba believes these improvements stem from Mastercam’s efforts to continually refine its software based on customer requests and CNC Software’s innovative approach to R&D. 

Kluba Machine is in the habit of casting a wide net for new ideas that could improve its manufacturing business. Jeff Kleinheider, Applications Engineer for QTE Manufacturing Solutions (the shop’s Mastercam Reseller) says, “We are frequently asked for suggestions on what could be done to improve their processes.  I know that ideas also come in from Mastercam, Hartwig, cutting tool vendors, trade magazine articles, and YouTube videos. We come in and discuss anything that we think they might find useful. Then the Kluba team will huddle to see how or if what we recommend has a fit. When it does, operators and programmers work together to further refine their templates. This approach makes it possible for Kluba Machine to rapid fire through so many new and small run jobs, and gets them outstanding machine utilization.”

New Tech Exchange Site is Now Live

We are excited to announce the Mastercam Tech Exchange! This is a new online portal for registered and linked Mastercam customers to download sample files, tool libraries, and posts.

You'll immediately notice users can search for what they're looking for by Title, over twenty industries, software version (Mastercam X9 or 2017), units of measurement (Inch or metric), 12 Mastercam products, or by file type (sample file, tool library, or post). 

We've started loading files onto the site for its launch, and will continuously add more content. 

Sample Files:

Currently at launch, there are 17 sample files for both X9 and 2017 for many Mastercam products. We used to provide sample files in the Mastercam install, but you will find them on the Tech Exchange.

Tool Libraries:

Previously, you could find downloadable tool libraries in the Support - Downloads section of We're moving all available tool libraries to the Tech Exchange, and will provide a notification of where you can find them in the old area of the web. We currently have fourteen tool libraries from Kennametal, ISCAR, Helical, DURA-MILL, Command, and Benchmark Carbide on the site.

To start, we've uploaded the new Siemens 3x Mill Post, as well as the Generic Haas ST 4x MT Lathe Post, but we plan to update many more in the future.

Mastercam 2017- CAD for CAM Programmers

Mastercam 2017 is focused on getting your parts on and off the machine fast. Our latest set of CAD tools for CAM programmers give you what you need to design from scratch, quickly get a model prepped, and get your toolpaths ready to go. Want more details after watching the video? Join us at


Starting With Its Worst Case

Toshiba America Energy Systems ramps up mill-turn productivity at its Milwaukee Service Center

In 2011, the Milwaukee Service Center for Toshiba America Energy Systems began looking at high-end mill-turn systems to replace its conventional equipment. It selected one of its toughest parts, an intricate multi-hole bypass valve, as a benchmark against which it could measure machining productivity improvements. Senior programmer, Orvie Smith said, “We were using many different machines to make this part. If you factor in such things as stellite hardfacing and nitriding, it was taking us five weeks to get this one part out the door. Actual time on machine amounted to about 80 hours.”

The Service Center purchased an Okuma Multus 5-axis mill-turn system. Orvie said he was unaccustomed to it at first; however, using a post meticulously developed by ShopWare, his Mastercam reseller, in conjunction with In-House Solutions, and program modules written and simulated in the latest version of Mastercam®, the machine time was reduced to approximately 16 hours and the lead-time for machining the part itself was trimmed to a day. With these types of improvements, it became Orvie’s favorite machine.

Orvie said that these results are typical of the magnitude of productivity improvements and cost factor reductions the shop has seen as they transition appropriate parts over to mill-turn manufacturing processes. Optimizing these and other processes continues to be a work in progress as Orvie learns to apply new features that appear in each release of Mastercam.

During the past five years the TAES CNC shop has transitioned from a dozen conventional mills and lathes and one mill-turn, to six mills and seven advanced mill-turns with more on the way. Based on the increasingly higher numbers of programs he is writing, Orvie estimates that his company’s investment in advanced CNC equipment has more than doubled its production capacity even though the number of machines has stayed about the same. Continuously improving features of Mastercam have enabled him to keep up with this ever-expanding volume of work. 

2016 30 under 30
For the fourth year in a row, Manufacturing Engineering magazine has recognized 30 individuals who are under 30 years of age, who are making a difference in manufacturing and STEM fields.

The magazine received over 100 nominations from all types of industries.  We are happy to announce that our own Graham Hargreaves, Marketing Manager at CNC Software, Inc., was named as one of the 30 Under 30!

One of the ways that Graham is making a difference in Manufacturing is helping to address and solve major issues that affect everyone in our industry…by bridging the skills gap. There are a lot of jobs in manufacturing that are empty and our company is focused on training young students and young adults and getting them interested in the world of manufacturing. Many people don’t look at manufacturing as a job option and Graham is working on ways to change that. Some ways Graham is helping the industry is by participating in National Manufacturing Day, assisting in programs such as Workshop for Warriors, and coming up with ways to attract young people to our industry.
If you are interested in reading more about Graham or other 30 Under 30 nominees, click here.

What's New-Expanded Solids and Model Prep

Easier, more flexible solids disassembly, powerful new solid model repair tools and quick fixture element creation are just a few of the new modeling options you'll see in Mastercam 2017.

Learn more! 

Manufacturing Lab Presents Aerospace Wing Rib

An Aerospace Wing Rib was recently cut in our lab, check out all the details in the video below. 


What's New- Multiaxis

Mastercam 2017 continues to build on its powerful multiaxis functionality. New advanced rotary control, streamlined workflow and powerful multiaxis drilling advances are a few of the new tools you'll see in this release. Want more details after watching the video? Join us on the What's New Mastercam page

Annual HTEC Conference

CNC Educators across North America will be meeting up in Auburn, Maine this week for the annual HTEC Americas: A CNC Educator Training Conference billed as “The Next Dynamic Decade: Making Complicated Easy.” From July 18 – 21 at Central Maine Community College, this is the 10th HTEC Americas Conference to date. CNC Software, Inc. will be on hand for multiple sessions throughout the week aimed at providing instructors with the tool they need to prepare their students for entering the workforce.

Monday, July 18:
Jesse Trinque will have two hands on training sessions in the morning and afternoon entitled “Making the Most Competitive Students in the Job Market: Integrating Mastercam Dynamic Motion and Probing on your Haas.” The most competitive job candidates are the ones who can cut parts in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Set your students up for success by arming them with the knowledge of how to use Mastercam Dynamic Motion and probing. Mastercam Dynamic Motion will make programming parts easier and cutting them will be faster, more efficient, and cause less wear and tear on the machine and cutting tool. Add even more efficiency by integrating Mastercam Probing to assist with part setup and inspection.
Wednesday, July 20:
Keith Butzgy will host a breakout session that highlights what’s new in Mastercam 2017. The next generation of Mastercam is here, and with is comes a new suite of programming tools focused on delivering speed, automation, and efficiency for all machining jobs. Keith will demonstrate a most streamlined workflow, improved usability, enhancements to out Dynamic Motion technology, and much more.  

We’ll have a second breakout on Wednesday where Chad Chmura will spotlight a turbo elbow project he’s been working on. A turbo elbow directs engine exhaust gas into a race car’s turbocharger. A customer approached Mastercam Applications Engineer, Chad Chmura, with a turbo elbow they had created by welding pieces of pipe together looking for a better way to make turbo elbows. Given this challenge, Chad jumped at the chance to create something that would fit all of the part’s design constraints including fitment and structural stability that would also be optimized in terms of airflow and appearance. Chad will walk you through the process he used to reverse engineer the part using Master3DGage and Verisurf, modeling the part in Mastercam using traditional and direct modeling with the Push/Pull functionality, Dynamic roughing, Port Expert, and Multiaxis finishing to ensure a completely finished part. Come see the results and the stunning improvement over the original welded part! ‘

There’s a lot going on in Maine this week, and we hope to see you at HTEC Americas!

What's New Video Overview


For the next several weeks we’ll be looking at some of the powerful tools in next generation of Mastercam. We’ll drill down into what the new functions are, how they operate, and why you’ll want to use them.
We’ll start with a look at some of the fundamental tools that you’ll use when setting up a job. Streamlined workflow, easier level and plane management, boosted graphics, and simplified design controls are just a few of the tools that Mastercam 2017 delivers.

For a detailed list of new features in the entire suite of products, see the What’s New in Mastercam 2017 page.