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IMTS 2016 Recap

We’re fresh off the best IMTS in recent history! With over 115,000 attendees and 2,400 exhibitors over the span of six days, IMTS had the third largest amount of registrations and the highest amount of exhibiting companies ever! We hope that you had the time to see the Mastercam footprint at the show, which truly made the #mastercameverywhere hashtag ring true. 

We had representation in over fifty booths at the show, from machines on the floor programmed with Mastercam, integrated solution providers and third party developers, and not to mention the three Mastercam booths situated across the show floor! With nearly 1.4 million square feet of exhibit space, we hope you brought your comfortable shoes and had a chance to make your way to the Mastercam booths in the Lakeside building, North building Smartforce Student Summit, and West Hall at the TRAM Aerospace event. 

We had presentations every half hour on Mastercam 2017, the latest and greatest from the best CAM software on the planet. There were also presentations from vertical market solution providers that complement your Mastercam investment, and allow you to achieve a complete manufacturing solution. We had representation from All of that means getting parts on and off the machine quicker and more efficiently, and with confidence. 

Our presentations at the end of each day brought representatives from Adion Systems, Mastercam, Robotmaster, Verisurf,  WireFreeCNC, and Zoller to demonstrate how to increase bottom-line profits and outperform the competition with integrated technologies. If you attended, you were stepped through an entire manufacturing process using advanced solutions for toolpathing, MES/ERP, tool management/presetting, robotics, metrology, and shop floor management. 

Thursday was by far our biggest day at the show. Part of being at events like IMTS is to appreciate those that have helped make Mastercam the #1 CAM software in the industry, our customers. We develop our software through customer feedback and our public beta testing program, which allows us to truly follow the needs of the market. Thursday was a small thank you to the immense help that our Mastercam community provides to us. We had plenty of giveaways in the booth, had a special presentation from our President Meghan West on the future of manufacturing, and at night we had an appreciation event at the Hyatt that had over 150 people in attendance!

At that event, we gave away a seat of Mastercam Mill to those that completed our Scavenger Hunt at the show. Participants took photos and uploaded them to social media with #mastercameverywhere in our booths in the East and North Halls, and partner booths Haas Automation, ISCAR, Mazak, Okuma, Sandvik Coromant, SIEMENS, and Toyoda. They were then entered into the drawing, and we’re happy to say that Harley Holden from South Carolina went home with a seat of Mastercam! Congrats Harley!

Once again we’d like to thank you for taking the time to stop by the Mastercam booth at IMTS and if you weren’t able to stop at the show, be sure to go to and all of our partner websites listed above. And don’t forget to follow us! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and Google+.

Scavenger Hunt Okuma

Next stop towards a chance to win a free seat of Mastercam Mill, is the Okuma booth at IMTS. Stop by booth S-8500, take a selfie with the MU-5000V-L and tag Okuma and Mastercam on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #mastercameverywhere to enter!  

Experience the latest in Okuma machine tool technology and learn how to increase profits for your shop.
Okuma will be showing:

  • 17 machine tools with live cutting demos
  • 4 NEW machines and 7 with NEW features
  • NEW automation cell for high-mix runs
  • Cryogenic machining on an Okuma
  • NEW OSP suite control system
  • “Before and After” of a spindle repair
  • Maintenance tips, machine registration, and free hats!
Open your mind to new possibilities and new ways to grow your business.
Visit Okuma Booth S-8500

IMTS Afternoon Presentations Robotmaster

Join us at 3:30pm each day of IMTS, we'll have a special presentation that highlights the benefits of Mastercam and our vertical solution partners. We'll take you through the full manufacturing process, with presentations from Adion Systems, Robotmaster, Verisurf, WireFreeCNC, Zoller, and Mastercam. 

In addition to presenting at our booth, Robotmaster will be showcasing its specialized tools that make it easy to optimize applications that require CAD/CAM for robots including: trimming/cutting, 3D machining, deburring, polishing, welding, dispensing, grinding, painting and more; by creating optimized paths. These tools include one-click automatic programming that results in error-free robotic programs for both simple to complex paths.

Stop by their IMTS booth N-6322 


IMTS Scavenger Hunt ISCAR

One stop towards a chance to win a free seat of Mastercam Mill, is the ISCAR booth at IMTS. Stop by booth W-1800, take a selfie and tag ISCAR and Mastercam on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #mastercameverywhere to enter!  

The ISCAR booth for IMTS2016 is about “Machining Intelligently”, exhibiting the latest in cutting tool technology to maximize machining productivity. To be competitive in today’s market, you must do more in less time to yield a lower cost per part. Our IQ START-UP campaign for 2016 emphasizes tooling that can run higher speed, higher feed rates and extend tool life using through tool high pressure coolant.  Complementing our product is the knowledge or what to apply where for maximum results. ISCAR also offers several software solutions to ensure proper selection, proper application and parameters to get close to optimal performance on day (1) of implementation. We collaborate with Mastercam so that our cutting tool information is readily available in their system when you are ready to begin programming. Finally, to ensure that you have that right tool in the right place at the right time, ISCAR offers MATRIX – a unique approach to tool management. Come see us in Booth W-1800 to see why we are known as the cutting tool company “Where Innovation Never Stops!”

More information on the Scavenger Hunt
Good luck!

IMTS Afternoon Presentations

How to Increase Bottom-Line Profits and Outperform your competition

Attend our Special IMTS Advanced Manufacturing Presentation
Attend a special Mastercam presentation that steps through the entire manufacturing process using advanced manufacturing solutions for toolpathing, MES/ERP, tool management/presetting, robotics, metrology,
and shop floor management.
See how:
  • Machine data drives real-time production management and continuous improvement.
  • Inspection automation software reduces scrap, improves shop quality and increases manufacturing productivity.
  • Process-driven, real time job costing and data drives informed decisions, repeatable performance, and profits.
  • Automated tool management and pre-setting contributes to bottom line profitability.
  • Flexible robotic automation reduces programming time and increases productivity.
IMTS Sept. 12-17, 2016
Every afternoon at 3:30 p.m.
Mastercam Booth E-3340

2016 IMTS

Join us at Booth #E-3340 at IMTS. We are excited to show off Mastercam 2017 and work with our partners attending IMTS to provide one lucky person a seat of Mastercam Mill! Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing the partners that will be helping you explore IMTS in a dynamic way!

For more details on Mastercam at IMTS please visit our page. Be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for information prior to IMTS as well as during the show! 

Dynamic Best Case Programming

Nearly all of the manufacturing processes Kluba Machine (Washington, MO) programmers develop for its customers rely extensively on Mastercam’s® Dynamic Motion Technology, which automatically adjusts tool movements based on material conditions ahead of the tool. Kluba added, “Before Dynamic, programmers were always looking out for the worst case scenario and adjusting feeds and speeds to make sure you didn’t crash a tool. Dynamic has all these fluid motions. Nothing is direct any more. The programmer has to make fewer decisions because the motions are governed automatically according to the chip load, which is kept constant to give you a best case machining process.”


Dynamic Motion Technology helps the company reduce cutting tool wear, improve cutting precision, and reduce tool costs. It allows programmers to work faster and more accurately and reduces machine cycle times. For example, a part that once took 15 minutes to cut was brought down to six minutes. These changes were made to the template and the cycle time improvements now apply to all the parts in the family.
If Kluba Machine made a part six months ago and subsequent improvements are made to the template while generating another part program from this family, then these improvements will be applied to the older program when it is used again. If a great many customizations have been made to a template, the program may become quite large and generate a very busy looking simulation. However, more than once the programmers have noticed that a new or enhanced Dynamic process has been introduced that runs even smoother and makes all extraneous code disappear. Kluba believes these improvements stem from Mastercam’s efforts to continually refine its software based on customer requests and CNC Software’s innovative approach to R&D. 

Kluba Machine is in the habit of casting a wide net for new ideas that could improve its manufacturing business. Jeff Kleinheider, Applications Engineer for QTE Manufacturing Solutions (the shop’s Mastercam Reseller) says, “We are frequently asked for suggestions on what could be done to improve their processes.  I know that ideas also come in from Mastercam, Hartwig, cutting tool vendors, trade magazine articles, and YouTube videos. We come in and discuss anything that we think they might find useful. Then the Kluba team will huddle to see how or if what we recommend has a fit. When it does, operators and programmers work together to further refine their templates. This approach makes it possible for Kluba Machine to rapid fire through so many new and small run jobs, and gets them outstanding machine utilization.”

New Tech Exchange Site is Now Live

We are excited to announce the Mastercam Tech Exchange! This is a new online portal for registered and linked Mastercam customers to download sample files, tool libraries, and posts.

You'll immediately notice users can search for what they're looking for by Title, over twenty industries, software version (Mastercam X9 or 2017), units of measurement (Inch or metric), 12 Mastercam products, or by file type (sample file, tool library, or post). 

We've started loading files onto the site for its launch, and will continuously add more content. 

Sample Files:

Currently at launch, there are 17 sample files for both X9 and 2017 for many Mastercam products. We used to provide sample files in the Mastercam install, but you will find them on the Tech Exchange.

Tool Libraries:

Previously, you could find downloadable tool libraries in the Support - Downloads section of We're moving all available tool libraries to the Tech Exchange, and will provide a notification of where you can find them in the old area of the web. We currently have fourteen tool libraries from Kennametal, ISCAR, Helical, DURA-MILL, Command, and Benchmark Carbide on the site.

To start, we've uploaded the new Siemens 3x Mill Post, as well as the Generic Haas ST 4x MT Lathe Post, but we plan to update many more in the future.

Mastercam 2017- CAD for CAM Programmers

Mastercam 2017 is focused on getting your parts on and off the machine fast. Our latest set of CAD tools for CAM programmers give you what you need to design from scratch, quickly get a model prepped, and get your toolpaths ready to go. Want more details after watching the video? Join us at


Starting With Its Worst Case

Toshiba America Energy Systems ramps up mill-turn productivity at its Milwaukee Service Center

In 2011, the Milwaukee Service Center for Toshiba America Energy Systems began looking at high-end mill-turn systems to replace its conventional equipment. It selected one of its toughest parts, an intricate multi-hole bypass valve, as a benchmark against which it could measure machining productivity improvements. Senior programmer, Orvie Smith said, “We were using many different machines to make this part. If you factor in such things as stellite hardfacing and nitriding, it was taking us five weeks to get this one part out the door. Actual time on machine amounted to about 80 hours.”

The Service Center purchased an Okuma Multus 5-axis mill-turn system. Orvie said he was unaccustomed to it at first; however, using a post meticulously developed by ShopWare, his Mastercam reseller, in conjunction with In-House Solutions, and program modules written and simulated in the latest version of Mastercam®, the machine time was reduced to approximately 16 hours and the lead-time for machining the part itself was trimmed to a day. With these types of improvements, it became Orvie’s favorite machine.

Orvie said that these results are typical of the magnitude of productivity improvements and cost factor reductions the shop has seen as they transition appropriate parts over to mill-turn manufacturing processes. Optimizing these and other processes continues to be a work in progress as Orvie learns to apply new features that appear in each release of Mastercam.

During the past five years the TAES CNC shop has transitioned from a dozen conventional mills and lathes and one mill-turn, to six mills and seven advanced mill-turns with more on the way. Based on the increasingly higher numbers of programs he is writing, Orvie estimates that his company’s investment in advanced CNC equipment has more than doubled its production capacity even though the number of machines has stayed about the same. Continuously improving features of Mastercam have enabled him to keep up with this ever-expanding volume of work. 

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