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All Mastercam Authorized Resellers have professional, comprehensive training solutions for their Mastercam customers. Be sure to check with them for your local training options.

CNC Software offers online corporate training (must be purchased through authorized resellers) at This online video training lets you learn at your own pace and can be used to prepare for the official Mastercam Certification.

CNC Software also provides training on all our CAD/CAM products, through both our industrial and educational corporate offices. Course descriptions and schedules for industrial training through CNC Software are shown below.

We also offer a series of Mastercam tutorials.

  • Getting Started tutorials introduce general Mastercam functions and teach basic skills.
  • Focus tutorials cover specific Mastercam features—for example, Setup Sheets or FBM Drill.
  • Exploring tutorials concentrate on a single Mastercam product—for example, Mastercam® for SolidWorks®.

Our tutorials are in continual development, and modules are added for each release. For information and availability, please contact your local Mastercam Reseller.

If you have any questions about training for industrial users, please contact us.


Learn Mastercam at Your Own Pace

If you are looking for books and resources to learn Mastercam on your own, at your own pace, in your own home, please click here.

Teacher Training

If you are an instructor looking for course descriptions on teacher training, please click here.

Training Classes Offered at CNC Software Corporate Office

Course Date Cost Description


February 10-13 2014

May 12-15 2014

August 11-14 2014

November 10-13 2014

$550/day per person includes lunch This will be a 4 day multiaxis class. The first 2 days will be spent reviewing the multiaxis toolpaths. There will be several hours spent on a 5 axis CNC machine. The Mastercam Multiaxis class will introduce the concepts and principles of multiaxis machining. Topics covered include: Identify common multi-axis machine tool configurations; Understand the difference between multiaxis positioning and simultaneous toolpaths; Understand the different types of multi-axis toolpaths, and capabilities and advantages they provide over conventional 3 axis toolpaths; Machine simulation options will be reviewed. Prerequisites: Mastercam advanced mill training class or familiarity with mill or router programming using Mastercam.

Basic Posts



$550/day per person includes lunch This 3-day class covers basic aspects of post configuration, variable definitions, formatting, post lines, boolean operations, post text, modality, control definition, and more. Prerequisite: Users taking this class should understand Mastercam, G-Code programming, and have some knowledge of a higher level programming language including variable types, variable declaration, and boolean logic such as 'if', 'else', and 'while' statements. An understanding of Machine and Control Definition is also required. Click here for a PDF that explains the Machine and Control Definition topics that should be known before taking this course.



$450/day per person includes lunch This one-day course focuses on the creation of 3D toolpaths and 3D geometry construction using Mastercam's new high-speed surface toolpaths (HST). It is designed for users of Mastercam Mill Level 3. Students will learn the concepts behind Mastercam's new HST toolpaths and the advantages they offer. We will compare these new toolpaths to other advanced Mill Level 3 toolpaths and discuss the strong points of each. HST toolpaths are the future of 3D milling. These machining practices not only increase speed, but also decrease stress on spindles and ways. High speed machining results in faster, smoother, more robust toolpaths. It is quickly becoming a standard technique for increasing productivity. We strongly suggest that all students have prior Mill Level 3 surface machining experience and have attended the Advanced Mill class. Prerequisites: Mastercam Mill Basic training class or equivalent experience with surface toolpaths.

If you are interested in knowing when future classes will be run, please fill out this form.

To enroll in one of these classes, please fill out our Enrollment form. You can either print it, fill it out and fax it back to 860-872-1565. Or fill in the electronic version, save it and email it to

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