Mastercam Lathe gives you fully associative programming for turning:

  • Easy roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, boring, drilling and cut off.
  • Full mill/turn capabilities when combined with Mastercam Mill.

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Why choose Mastercam?

Mastercam is the Industry Standard

The most recent analysis of CAM software seats produced by CIMdata, Inc. shows that CNC Software’s Mastercam® is the world’s most widely-used CAM software. With more than 150,000 installed seats, Mastercam has more than twice the installed base of the closest competitor.

What does this mean for you? It means that when you choose Mastercam, you’re using innovative CAM software that has helped more shops achieve success than any other. It also means that skilled Mastercam users are much easier to find.

Mastercam’s Support is Second to None
Mastercam is supported by a worldwide network of dedicated, expert resellers who focus exclusively on ensuring that Mastercam fits your needs. They know the software, know your area, and are there when you need them.

Mastercam also enjoys a large online user community that offers advice, help, tips and tricks to fellow Mastercam programmers.

Mastercam is Dedicated to the Future
As one of the pioneers in PC-based CAD/CAM, Mastercam has a long history of company security and health. As a privately-owned company, we continue to focus exclusively on the needs of NC programmers. And as a CAD/CAM innovator, we’ll be here to work with you as you move into the future.







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When combined with Mill Level 1
When combined with Mill Level 3
Quickly create and dimension live wireframe geometry
Read / write IGES, DXF, SAT, Parasolid & more
Read native Autocad, SolidWorks, Solid Edge & more
Read native Catia and Pro/E files
Live surface modeling
CAD file change recognition
Solid modeling
In-process stock model
Streamlined "Quick Toolpath" programming
Intelligent ID and OD roughing
Easy finishing
Optimized facing
Canned cycle support
Automatic gouge checking
Boring, drilling, and point-to-point machining
Machine directly on a solid
Chuck, part, steady rest, and tailstock collision check
Fully associative toolpaths
Machine and control definition
Face and cross contour
Face and cross drilling
3D C-axis contour machining
Specialized plunge turn toolpath
2D High Speed Toolpaths  
All pocketing routines  
All contour routines  
All drilling routines  
Full multisurface and solid roughing    
Full multisurface and solid finishing    
Full multisurface and solid "clean-up" machining    
High speed toolpaths    
Multiaxis machining    

Mastercam System Requirements



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